Good relationships are something we all strive for. They can provide love, support, happiness, friendship, advice and guidance. However, if they break down, they can cause problems and emotional turmoil.
People seek relationship support for a number of reasons, and though commonly thought to only involve intimate connections, there are many types of connections that can benefit from additional help and guidance, including:

family members
married couples
romantic partnerships

Relationship problems
We all experience relationship problems at some point in our lives. Different issues can come up between family members, with friends, lovers, or even work colleagues. If conflict arises or a certain connection changes, isn’t as fulfilling or expectations change, you might find your overall happiness being affected. Over time, if relationship problems are not dealt with, negative emotions can develop, leading to other areas of your life feeling strained, unsatisfactory, or unfulfilled.
Everyone copes with and reacts to emotional situations differently, but when the issue isn’t discussed, it can be difficult to know how to treat a problem or understand how it started.
Relationship problems might start with a you feeling trapped, confused about the relationship’s direction or unsure about how to move forward. You might be facing divorce or separation, dealing with infidelity, feeling insecure or frustrated with the loss of connection.

Common relationship problems include:
wanting to improve an existing relationship
feelings of betrayal
trouble understanding someone or trying to understand someone better
fear of confrontation
lack of boundaries
sex and intimacy issues (e.g.mismatched sex drives)
trust issues, infidelity or suspicions of cheating
money worries
differing life goals or plans

Whilst there are many reasons why a relationship may be going through a rough patch, with patience and understanding, many will be able to get back on track. However, not all relationships can be ‘fixed’. For some, complex issues may signal the end of the relationship, be it intimate or between friends. Talking and working through issues can help you both to feel a sense of catharsis, whether your relationship can be fixed, or it is time to move on.

How can relationship coaching help?
I can help you identify what your vision of a successful relationship is, what your expectations are and help identify any needs that are not being met. A strategy can then be discussed to tackle the problem, helping you to reach fulfilment in that particular area, or recognise the end of the relationship.

There are many reasons why people seek relationship coaching and our sessions can help in different ways. You may be lacking confidence in your relationship, you may doubt yourself and your ability to connect with others. You might be struggling to cope with the anxiety of going through a relationship problem or conflict. I can show you different ways of coping with difficult situations, and how to remain calm and not pass the blame.

It can be difficult to accept that there is a problem in the first place. In some cases, I have been needed to help and encourage recognising the issue itself, especially if one person doesn’t acknowledge or accept there is a problem.
I can encourage better communication and listening skills. I will listen to any issues in your relationship, help you to understand the causes and if they can be resolved. If the relationship has reached its end, I can support you in moving on.

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