What is wellness coaching?

Many people seek coaching when they have a vision of where they want to be but aren’t sure how to get there. In the context of wellness, this means getting the support, motivation and guidance to achieve any wellness goals you may have.
Through wellness coaching, I can assess where you are now and identify areas you’d like to focus on, changes you’d like to make and perhaps mindset shifts you’d like to work on. Together, we can then outline a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.
This individualised way of working means your plan will be tailored to you and your needs – something you can’t always get through self-help resources. The plan should also be sustainable, meaning you’ll be able to keep it up over time. Wellness isn’t a box that can be ticked and ignored, it’s something we need to constantly nurture and pay attention to.
Working with me can give you clarity, motivation and the accountability you need to get started. It can feel intimidating to work on something as broad as ‘wellness’ and it can be easy to put it off. Having regular sessions can give you the boost you need to do the work and make the changes you want.

All coaches will have different approaches and we all have different areas of expertise. In general though you can expect support with:

lifestyle changes to improve overall well-being
physical health support
mental and emotional health support

As well as the above, I may be able to help with the following:

supporting a lifestyle change following a medical diagnosis (for example, diabetes)
helping you live well alongside chronic illness or disability
managing and reducing stress
coming back from burnout
finding/strengthening your spiritual connection

If you’re unsure whether I can help you, simply reach out and discuss this with me. If it’s not the right fit, I may be able to recommend another approach that’s right for you. If you are planning to start wellness coaching to support a mental or physical condition, it’s helpful to inform your doctor to ensure there are no conflicting treatments taking place.

What to expect from wellness coaching
Like most forms of coaching, your journey will start with an initial consultation – I like to call a ‘clarity call’. This discussion gives you the chance to talk about what you’re hoping to gain and share your background with me. I will talk more about what I offer in terms of services, how I can help and tell you more about the way I work. You’ll get time to ask any questions you have so you can leave the call feeling clearer about your next steps.
If you do decide to go ahead, you’ll be able to set up your first session, payment and sign the agreements/contracts I have.
When your coaching begins we’ll go into more depth about your wellness journey, including your history, where you are now and where you’d like to get to. Then the real work begins as I use guiding techniques to help you identify how to make changes and encourage you to take small steps towards your goals.
The length of your coaching will depend on your individual circumstances. I offer packages that include a set number of sessions and support, and can also work in a more bespoke way, according to your needs.
By the end of our time together you should feel as if you’ve made real progress towards your goals and confident that you know the next steps in your journey.

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